The Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice

Delivering the right service, to the right youth, in the right setting, at the right time.
Most juvenile justice systems produce relatively small reductions in recidivism, on average, thus there is much room for improvement. The CSJJ can identify strengths and weaknesses of existing JJ systems and provide a blueprint for system improvements that can produce better outcomes.
The Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice (CSJJ) promotes a research-based and data-driven approach to making juvenile justice system improvements system-wide. For optimal effectiveness, juvenile justice systems must deliver the right service, to the right youth, in the right setting, and at the right time.
CSJJ juvenile lawCSJJ is a juvenile justice management, research, training, technical assistance, and evaluation consulting firm designed to create partnerships that advance juvenile justice, reduce recidivism rates through evidence-based services and best practices, and strengthening families. Our team is made up of former federal as well as other state mental health and juvenile justice system professionals with more than a century of combined professional experience.

How does CSJJ help?

A main strength of the CSJJ team is its capacity for performing short-term assessments of jurisdictions’ juvenile justice systems. CSJJ assessments yield recommendations for making improvements system-wide.
Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice
The anticipated benefits of engaging our CSJJ include:
  • Increased prevention of delinquency with fewer young people entering the juvenile justice system
  • Enhanced responsiveness from the juvenile justice system
  • Greater accountability on the part of youth
  • Decreased costs of juvenile corrections
  • A more responsible juvenile justice system
  • Better program effectiveness
  • Less crime as fewer serious, violent, and chronic delinquents become adult criminals.

See what our clients are saying about us.

“Youth Justice Services Division (YJSD) would like to thank Dr. James C. Howell and Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice (CSJJ) associates, and welcomes their input on the alignment of Ontario’s youth justice service delivery system with research.”