The CSJJ System Improvement Program

Most states have elevated recidivism rates for juvenile offenders. With recidivism reduction as a primary focus of juvenile justice systems, the main strength of the CSJJ team is its capacity for performing short term system-wide assessments that yield recommendations for not only impacting recidivism, but aligning juvenile justice services and programming with best practices for implementing an evidenced based continuum. The assessment may require 6 months to one year, depending on the size of the juvenile justice system and availability of operational and outcome data. In the first step, CSJJ examines system performance, particularly recidivism reductions. The CSJJ team next examines case plan development and management. In the third step, the CSJJ team determines the jurisdiction’s consistent use of evidence-based programs and services. The product of the system assessments is a report that makes a series of recommendations for system improvements.

The CSJJ has developed two strategic planning tools that can greatly enhance delinquency prevention and reduction. The first tool is a systematic strategy for keeping young children out of the juvenile justice system by linking these usually low-level delinquent children with early intervention services that are positioned outside the juvenile justice systems, to prevent future delinquent conduct. According to the OJJDP Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 2014 National Report, 16 states had statutory minimum jurisdiction ages under 11 years, with North Carolina the youngest at 6 years of age. CSJJ’s second planning tool provides a user-friendly and timely approach to community-wide delinquency prevention. With this CSJJ tool, communities with elevated risk factors for juvenile delinquency can be identified immediately, and CSJJ’s multi-component continuum of delinquency prevention programs can be operational within a few months.
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Several states have benefited enormously from implementing the Comprehensive Strategy framework:

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